The Hunt

The Wolfmother bears a gift: THE HUNT.

Freeman's Co. presents the Westcoast Wanderlust Hunt. Every month we will give away something from our store, but you have to earn it, you have to find it, you have to hunt for it. We've geo-cached the first prize in a place appropriately named: Treasure Cove.


  1. It's placed at the bottom of a bluff.
  2. It's located behind driftwood. 
  3. Marked by a stone cairn.
  4. You'll find it in Newport Beach, CA.  

Here's what it looks like: 



When you've won The Hunt, take a pic and upload it on Instagram with #StepSwiftly. 

Laguna Beach, CA 
La Jolla, CA
San Francisco, CA 
Portland, OR
Seattle, WA 
Vancouver, Canada  
Yosemite, CA 
Death Valley, CA 
Big Sur, CA 
Joshua Tree, CA
Don't see your city on the list? Contact us! If you live on the westcoast you can submit your own hunt. We will review the location and add it to the tour if it's approved

"Every adventure begins with one first step. #StepSwiftly"