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Freeman's Co. - Suppliers of Westcoast Wanderlust
Freeman's Collective is a modern artists & craftsmen commune emphasizing active lifestyles and adventure travel through music, artwork, and California crafted threads. As creators, artists, athletes, and activists we seek to experience the world around us for its true and natural value. Our mission is to bring that world to life through the stories that we share and the products that we make.
Founded in 2014 as a site dedicated to the outdoor experience, Freeman’s Collective has grown into a collection of art, gear and apparel with products ranging from leather goods and woodcraft to camping supplies and outdoor clothing. A focus on adventure remains constant in all that we do.
Every Adventure Begins With One First Step. #StepSwiftly
The freedom of the eagle, the strength in the buffalo, the endurance of the wolf, and the curiosity of the bear – these are all traits we strive to embody and you’ll find them imprinted on our products. Native to the Americas, these magnificent creatures symbolize the wild spirit that is Freeman’s Collective.
The Seahawk was chosen as the primary totem to represent all that we stand for because it is a bird of prey that can close it’s nostrils to hold it’s breath underwater. This unique and specialized adaptation allows them to venture into uncharted waters, allowing them to dive deeper and farther than any other raptor. Birds can fly, but the Seahawk enjoys the best of the air and sea. Likewise, we at Freeman’s Collective adapt and thrive in unfamiliar territory with specialized gear and products made from quality materials.
Pioneers exploring new territory, pushing into the wild unknown, were drawn to early America with the hopes of striking gold, cultivating land, and forging a brighter future. The American spirit drove early settlers from the comforts of city life to push the boundaries of their maps and test the limits of their enduring will. At the heart of Freeman’s Collective we embody those brave people who blazed the trail before us. We hand-print our apparel, hand-stain our woodwork and hand-cut our leather. Proudly American crafted. 
Hailed as America's best idea and home to some of our favorite places to visit.  The National Park Service preserves unimpaired the natural resources and cultural values of America's wilderness for the enjoyment, education, and inspiration of this and future generations. Every year portions of the proceeds from Freeman's Co. sales go to supporting the National Parks Foundation, the  official charity of America's national parks.