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Freeman Tyler Kurbat

The following is an excerpt from Freeman author Tyler Kurbat: We've seen a resurgence. We have an open invitation to take back the great wide open. Hashtags and cooperatives. Clothing companies and gear. Beards, flannels and nature photography. It's exciting. People are looking up from their phones and stepping out into the wild.  And I'm thankful for guys like John Muir. Who knows what wild might remain had it not been for his adoration and evangelism for all things outdoors? Yosemite and the John Muir Trail are a testament to his efforts. Even my dad and sister are gearing up to spend some time in his tracks. And my hope is that this yearning for a culture's wide exploration only continues to...

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Freeman Tyler Kurbat Fans the Flame

This post is an excerpt from Freeman author Tyler Kurbat:  Far too many people are convinced they're not creative. I hear it every day. "I could never do that." "I'm not that creative." "My mind doesn't work that way." But the truth is we are all creative in our own regards and creativity isn't something you catch and keep in your pocket. You don't bottle it up. Creativity is a hunt for passion and when you find it, you wear it on your sleeve. It perches upon you like a hawk, ready to soar. It's an ember in a dried out field. Whether it burns is up to you. I don't blame you if you think you're not creative. I...

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