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Surfing Hurricane Swells

Hurricane Marie. If you surf in Southern California, hell if you surf anywhere, that name holds great significance. It was the first time the El Niño weather pattern had returned in over 10 years to the west coast. More importantly, it meant huge hurricane swells would hammer the coastline. They called it "Big Wednesday" and compared the powerful waves that day to the legendary Pipeline of the Hawaiian Islands. The largest of the swells peaking at a reported 20ft+, with at a world-famous break: The Wedge.  Drop into the madness with us.  See the entire sequence here.

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10 Reasons To Visit Big Sur: McWay Falls

As the afternoon light began to fade we opted to take another hike but remain in the immediate area. I suggested that we back track to a fork in the path I had seen earlier that lead to a bluff overlook trail. We gathered our packs and were soon hiking once more. I must reiterate that I had seen elephant seals just off the shoreline where we rested, however once we reached the viewpoint I was astonished to find dozens of them, popping their heads up out of the water, then diving back down to feed I assumed. I’ve never seen such large seals, nor have I seen them in such large numbers. We were surprised to find the entire...

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Man Camp: Montana de Oro

That's right. Man Camp.  Last weekend my friends decided they needed to get out of the office and dash off into the wild unknown, well unknown to us at least. So I booked a campsite at a place called Montana De Oro State Park. We left LA late on a Saturday morning. We planned to leave at the ungodly hour of 4AM to chase the sunrise, but Friday nights have a way of thwarting productive Saturday mornings. Alas, we found ourselves victims of the latter. Hydrating immediately after waking, I grabbed my bag and threw my camping gear into the car. I left my house to meet up with my friend Nico. We loaded up my car with his gear and...

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