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Surfing Hurricane Swells

Hurricane Marie. If you surf in Southern California, hell if you surf anywhere, that name holds great significance. It was the first time the El Niño weather pattern had returned in over 10 years to the west coast. More importantly, it meant huge hurricane swells would hammer the coastline. They called it "Big Wednesday" and compared the powerful waves that day to the legendary Pipeline of the Hawaiian Islands. The largest of the swells peaking at a reported 20ft+, with at a world-famous break: The Wedge.  Drop into the madness with us.  See the entire sequence here.

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Road Trip Remixes Volume II

Cool vibes and chill tunes. Our Road Trip Remix playlist will set the mood on the open road. Listen here.  RAC ft. Katie Herzig - 3AM (filous remix)  Radical Something - Paradise in You (SJUR Remix)   Listenbee - Nottamun Town Etham - Cold Love   Isetern - Marley Stay warm at your camp or in your living room with our Big Sur Blanket. Buy here.  

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Road Trip Remixes Volume I

It's time to hit the road with chill vibes and good tunes. Listen to our monthly Road Trip playlist to set the tone for the adventurous highways ahead.  Hollow Caves - Heatwave (Filious Remix)  Chris Meid - Red River (Featuring Tyler Sjöström & Martin Wagler) Ed Sheeran & Passenger - Thrift Shop (Kygo Remix)  Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Kygo Remix)  Empire of the Sun - We Are The People (Flic Flac Remix)  Gear for the journey - Freeman's Co. Westcoast Wanderlust Trucker Hat - Click photo to learn more!  

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Project Cascadia - A Pacific Northwest Roadtrip

We've partnered with some amazing people this fall season and pair of our explorers set off to make a short film about their journey. Watch project Cascadia as they road trip along the great Pacific Northwest from Oregon to Washington and into Canada. Look for our limited edition Expedition Crew Sweater at 2:40 or buy it here on our online store. Special thanks to Zach and Allie Leon for taking it with them on their latest adventure!  #StepSwiftly - Freeman's Co.  Cascadia from Zalleon on Vimeo.

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